Electronically manage, store, retrieve, and distribute your patient documents.

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Say goodbye to paper files! eDocs is our new paperless office solution that works directly with Sycle.net. eDocs allows you to scan, import, save, manage, and share patient documents through Sycle.net’s secure cloud computing system.

Getting started is easy! eDocs comes with a default folder structure, so you can start organizing your electronic files right away, or create your own structure.

eDocs is totally and completely secure. Owners & administrators can even manage employees’ access to eDocs (either Read Only or Read and Write privileges) in the same section where you define privileges for the rest of your Sycle.net account.

  • Paperless, electronic document management
  • Scan, upload, download, and rename files
  • Unlimited folder creation and customization
  • Manage employee access (Read Only or Read and Write)
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Free, ongoing support and training

Tom Harris: eDocs Product Manager

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I’ve often found myself, on a Saturday afternoon, sitting on the deck working on Sycle.net while watching a baseball game on TV. Best of both worlds!

—Steve Brown


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