It’s time for the final chapter of our series 5 Reasons Your Practice Needs Sycle Now. In part 4, we discussed the importance of the patient experience in relation to your practice management software. Now it’s time to turn our attention toward the user experience and the value that comes from empowering staff with the tools they need to succeed.

1. When it comes to software, there is one fundamental rule to remember: Software must be easy to use.

This may seem straightforward enough, but ease of use is incredibly important. If it’s not easy, your team will resist adopting it or will not be able to use it correctly. To understand Sycle’s approach to usability we need to go back to when it all began.

Sycle launched in 2003 and pioneered the web-based, Software-as-a-Service model for hearing care practice management. Business owners and staff alike were able to access critical business data from any computer with an internet connection. Those with multiple offices were now able to share data and information easily and inexpensively, without the large investments in hardware.

Free training and support allowed clinics to onboard staff quickly and to scale effectively. New features and integrations, such as QuickBooks Sync and NOAH Sync, led to the optimization of more business-critical processes. This freed up time in the clinic to treat more patients.

Sycle was welcomed into the hearing care space because it was easy to learn and easy to use. It’s no surprise that one of our own company’s core values is Keep it Simple. We understand our users benefit from software solutions that make their lives simpler, not more complicated.

2. Today it’s important to remember that employees want to do well; they want to succeed and help the business grow.

The success of an employee is often dependent on the ability of their leader and mentor to coach and course-correct when needed. We’ve all heard the expression, “you can only manage what you can measure”. This rings true when you’re talking about budgets, inventory AND employee performance.

Sycle’s reporting capabilities deliver real-time sales metrics to help motivate and empower employees. Close rate reports, binaural reports, and return rates, are just a few examples of the tools utilized by the industry’s leading hearing care practices to monitor business performance and inform decision making.

Today over 7,500 practices recognize Sycle to be far more than a patient database — it is a complete office management hub that empowers employees across all departments to succeed and do their very best work.

This concludes our series 5 Reasons Your Practice Needs Sycle Now. To be honest, this could have a been a much longer series if we wanted to explore ALL the ways your practice can benefit from implementing Sycle today. To find out more, simply request a free demo or get started today.

Written by Peter Adams

Director of Marketing & Communications