Sycle’s mission is to facilitate the delivery of better hearing to the world. We develop software and solutions that allow you to spend more time with patients.

Our Story

The Sycle story began in a San Francisco coffee shop in 2001. Ridge Sampson was the owner of the advertising agency Ozone Online. Over coffee with Randy Drullinger, a client who founded a large hearing care business, Ridge was struck by how little marketing was being done by hearing care practice owners. He wanted to design a product to help them automate and improve their marketing efforts.


With the help of his business partner, Sean Shoffstall, the two got to work drafting the basic framework of what they wanted the software to do. Ridge sketched and proposed feature designs while Sean built the software. As a provider, Randy brought industry knowledge to help guide the product development and ensure it would meet the unique needs of hearing care providers.

As Ridge and Sean got to know more hearing care professionals, they came to see the opportunity for better systems expanded beyond marketing. Greater efficiency in the practice would allow providers to spend more time with patients, and that was what clinics were looking for. More time with patients would lead to better patient outcomes, which would without a doubt lead to financial successes.

By automating virtually every task in a clinic, Sycle has become the industry leader in the US, UK and Canada for not only large clinics, but single-location and part-time practices as well. More than 7,500 clinics and 22,000 users log in to Sycle daily. That number grows daily as we continue to develop features, products, and integrations that increase revenue while helping more people hear.

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