Ita��s been an exciting few weeks at Sycle as our team worked tirelessly to put the final touches on our company rebrand, including our new website and, perhaps most importantly, this blog.

The Sycle Blog is our latest web property and media center. It is a new channel that will allow our team to deliver the most relevant news pertaining to Sycle and our products. The announcement of new features, upcoming events, webinars, and even training videos a�� the Sycle Blog is your one stop shop for everything Sycle related.

But ita��s not just about Sycle. Ita��s about you and the rest of the hearing care industry too. We are partnering with thought leaders from across the industry to bring you interesting, relevant, newsworthy content. Whether it be the latest technologies hitting the market or new business tips to help you grow your practice a�� The Sycle Blog will serve as a new hub and educational resource for our customers and peers.

And we want you to participate! One of the greatest things about The Sycle Blog is the community wea��re building. We want to hear from you and we welcome contributions. So if you have an interesting topic or story youa��d like to share, please submit your ideas to and one of our editors will follow up with you.

We hope youa��re enjoying the new look and feel of Sycle. We have more exciting announcements just around the corner so be sure to bookmark this page and visit The Sycle Blog regularly. Wea��ll also be sharing posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn so be sure to follow, like, and share all the posts and tweets you find most informative.

Written by Peter Adams

Vice President, Marketing