Almost every aspect of managing your practice can be solved within Sycle, especially with one of our most powerful integrations. Sycle Credit Card Processing allows you to instantly process check and credit card payments, charge cards over the phone, and capture signatures electronically. Just swipe, sign and go. It’s that easy.

There are a many reasons why integrated credit card processing is a great tool for your practice. Here are a few ways this solution can help your business succeed:

  • Save time

With integrated credit card processing, transaction information transfers straight to accounting software. This frees up more time in the day for your employees to complete other tasks that they may not have normally been able to accomplish.

  • Save money

Reduce business expenses and minimize production costs by eliminating the daily tasks that your employees use to manually enter data. Automatic payment updating prevents double-entry, ensuring accuracy & time and money saved.

  • Avoid data entry mistakes

Whether it is entering data incorrectly, double data entry, or applying incorrect data to accounts, accounting mistakes happen. With this solution, payments are seamlessly passed into accounting software, and applied to the customer account or invoice. This process guarantees that your business is able to function as efficiently as possible.

  • Streamlined workflow

Businesses can simply enter credit card data directly into the practice management software, and the integrated payment system takes care of the rest. This automated process can help to improve productivity and increase effective workflow management.

  • Strengthen security

Integrated credit card processing gives your business peace of mind with new Smart Terminal technology that accepts all forms of payment, including EMV chip cards. This delivers a whole new level of security to help protect your business and your patients from fraud and other liabilities.

We want to hear from you! Do you currently use Sycle Credit Card Processing? What are some ways that it has helped improve your business? Comment below.


Written by Lauren Tank

Marketing Operations Manager