We’ve got some big news! CaptionCall is now available in Sycle PRO.

CaptionCall is the leading provider of captioned telephones that boast all the features your patients want most.

By offering no-cost CaptionCall phones, you can help your patients engage in life, differentiate your practice, and develop strong patient relationships. Now you can provide your eligible patients no-cost CaptionCall phones with professional installation right from the Patient Summary screen in Sycle.


The best part of this integration? It’s already activated in your Sycle PRO account, so you can start making orders right now. Yes, you read that right!


How can you start making orders now? Just go to the Patient Summary, scroll down about midway to the CaptionCall section. Click the “Submit CaptionCall Form,” to bring up the order form for that patient.  

patient summary submit captioncall form

An order form will auto-populate with all of the patient’s information, as well as your clinic information.  

captioncall professional certification form


You will then receive a confirmation pop-up that the form has been successfully submitted. Easy as 1, 2, 3. 

To see what a breeze it is to send a CaptionCall request form for your patients, click here to watch this short video.


In order to successfully submit a CaptionCall form, you need to have a CaptionCall Account ID. To acquire the CaptionCall Account ID, please reach out to CaptionCall. 

If you have a CaptionCall Account ID, then you’re already good to go!

Written by Jamie Urborg

Sr. Marketing Strategist