Ensuring patients receive the care best suited to treat their unique hearing loss

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Delivering the gift of better hearing to the world

Every patient’s journey to better hearing is unique. They may require different approaches to treatment as their loss worsens or improves. The Continuum of Care initiative aims to support hearing care providers and their patients by educating and building awareness around new, cutting edge technology and treatment options.

Cochlear Implants for Hearing Loss

A low risk, outpatient solution

Today’s hearing technology and innovations offer new opportunities for patients affected by hearing loss. Cochlear implants are an increasingly common option for patients who seek improvement beyond what can be achieved through hearing aids.

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Cochlear Implants for Hearing Loss

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    Ensure patients who no longer benefit from hearing aids get the treatment they need

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    Strong relationships with physicians in your area and facilitates The Continuum of Care

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    Your practice in an ever-changing, competitive market

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    You continue to treat your patients and offer guidance and solutions

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    The Sycle CI integration helps you and your patients

    Connect and care seamlessly

    Discover new features within Sycle's software designed to help educate your patients and connect them with resources in your area.

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    Connecting those in need

    Sycle, the number one practice management software in audiology, has developed features and integrations to support The Continuum of Care and connect those in need. Find out how you can become part of this exciting initiative.

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