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Infographic: Sycle eDocs – Save Money, Sleep Well
With Sycle eDocs you can access your patient data – anywhere, anytime. Our solution is a HIPAA compliant (Google Docs, Google Calendar, other OMS systems are not HIPAA compliant), private cloud-based software – so it’s all digital.

Download our Sycle eDocs infographic to see how our HIPAA compliant paperless solution can save your company time, money, and space. Download now…

Marketing Automation Made Easy – Audio Recording
Sycle’s Director of Sales Nick Weber spoke with AUDMA CEO Erik Sorenson to discuss everything you need to know when it comes to implementing an easy marketing automation program in your practice.

Marketing automation is all about delivering the right custom message at the right time to the right individual without you or your staff needing to lift a finger. Listen now…

Favorite Feature Series: To-Do Center
Our latest blog series, Our Favorite Features, Sycle West Coast Sales Manager Gavin Linsley talks about one of his favorite Sycle PRO features, the To-Do Center.

Say goodbye to sticky notes cluttering workspaces and tasks falling through the cracks. With this handy feature, you can track, organize and assign office tasks to others in seconds. Watch now…

Favorite Feature Series: Patient Photos
Sycle West Coast & Central Sales Manager, Gavin Linsley discusses another favorite Sycle PRO feature, Patient Photos.

Attach a patient profile picture to each patient summary so you and your staff can more easily identify them before they arrive for their appointment. Watch now…

Why The Future Of Hearing Aid Technology Sounds Amazing
Hearing aid technology has advanced significantly since the early 1990s. Back then, hearing aids were clunky accessories. Inadequate volume control and poor fit were the norm. Whistling and squelching noises were not only common, but expected.

But what does the future hold? With technology breakthroughs like artificial intelligence and mobile connectivity, continued progress in cognitive hearing science will surely deliver many advancements. Learn more…

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Written by Jamie Urborg

Sr. Marketing Strategist