If you couldn’t tell already, we love our Sycle dogs. From Australian shepherds to chihuahuas, pit bulls to border collies – each one is a special part of what makes our company unique and upbeat. We’d like to introduce you to one of our office pups.

Name: Malli

Breed: Pembroke Welsch Corgi

Age: 11

About: Malli lives in Chicago and is a true city dog. She likes walks (unless it’s raining or super windy), Puppucino’s from Starbucks, sunning on the roof deck, long naps, and reading the mail – aka tearing apart packages. She dislikes mushrooms, when people leave, and ringing doorbells. She puts on a tough front, but all it takes is a good belly rub to win her over!

Owner: Kate Bouda, Product Development Manager

Does your practice have office pals? We want to know about them! Let us know in the comments section, below. Feel free to share on our Facebook page or tweet them to us. Be sure to tag them with #dogsofsycle.

Written by Jamie Urborg

Sr. Marketing Strategist