Booking a hearing appointment is often the first and most important step to treating hearing loss. It can also be the hardest step for patients to take. We have expanded our partnerships to bring online scheduling to all our Sycle customers, with two great online appointment booking tools.


Help your patients take the first step in treating their hearing loss. We’ve partnered with top industry vendors to offer your patients the perfect online appointment booking solution.

  • Customize which appointment types are available for booking.
  • Save front office staff time and energy.
  • Easily track appointments, measure results, and improve accuracy.
  • Boost profits by making your business available 24/7.

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Qualify new patients with an easy to follow and incredibly accurate online hearing test. We’ve partnered with ctone, a leading online diagnosis and lead generation company, to encourage patients with hearing loss to seek treatment. BookNow+ offers all the great benefits of BookNow plus these added benefits.

  • Qualify your patients before they show up.
  • Fast and accurate test results available.
  • Help patients take the next step in receiving the treatment they deserve.

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It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 when setting up online appointment booking in Sycle PRO.


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Written by Sycle Team