If you read our previous installment, then you know that Sycle works with a variety of buying groups, hearing aid manufacturers, and practice development partners to offer benefits and discounts to practice owners.

Today we’re featuring our partner Pivot Hearing, a boutique practice development partner based in the Bay Area. Pivot Hearing is run by current, operating clinic owners. Bill Diles, M.A., Audiologist, has been in private practice for over 35 years and started Pivot Hearing four years ago. He and his team enjoy helping colleagues overcome the same challenges they face as a practice everyday. Pivot’s unique perspective as successful business people and colleagues allows them to offer the most relevant, timely, and impactful business advice and services.

Sycle is a huge part of Diles’ own clinic operations, as well as those of many member practices. Bill’s sons, who are both hearing instrument specialists working in the practice, are among Sycle’s top power users. Because of their unparalleled expertise in the buying group space, Pivot Hearing offers members:

  • Monthly discounts on Sycle Practice Management
  • Customized Sycle administration and setup support
  • Daily & weekly Sycle oversight
  • Customized weekly practice dashboard

Pivot Hearing helps members build sustainable private practices. While efficient operations design through successful Sycle usage is one key part of that, Pivot Hearing also helps businesses stay healthy by developing renewable sources of new patients. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch.

Written by Sycle Team