Pre-qualified leads. Booked directly into your calendar.

When hearing professionals are asked what would help drive more business, the majority answer “more new patients”. On average clinics in the US spend well over $800 on average to acquire a new patient.*

That’s where Sycle Sales Generation comes in. Sycle Sales Generation refers qualified leads to your clinic through a professional call center. We manage the advertising, the calls, and filter qualified leads while you sit back and benefit from new patient acquisition and sales, all without risking a single advertising dollar.

  • Free signup
  • Full integration with Sycle
  • Appointments booked directly into your Sycle calendar
  • Only pay for leads that result in sales
  • Sycle Sales Generation is preparing for beta. If you are interested in joining this program, enter your information and we’ll be in touch when we are ready to get started. 



*CallSource data from over 3,000 clinics

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