Halloween is almost here, and while zombies and ghosts can give quite the scare, there’s something that spooks us more than those combined. Managing your practice using a paper-based system. 


You may be asking yourself, why would a paper-based management system be so spooky? We’ve got three reasons for you. 


It’s not HIPAA compliant, secure, or safe

HIPAA compliance and patient data is nothing to take lightly; security and data retrieval are vital elements to your practice. Is your patient data encrypted at rest AND 100% HIPAA compliant? If not, it should be.

Rest easy knowing your data is protected with triple redundancy and offsite backup through Sycle PRO’s HIPAA compliant cloud computing system. Did we mention your patient data is encrypted at rest? Data breaches aren’t really our scene.


It’s expensive and inefficient. 

Did you know that 15% of a company’s revenue is spent creating and management paper documents? It makes sense when you consider the cost of space, file cabinets, paper, and labor that goes into filing and searching.

Systems like eDocs make business processes more structured and intuitive, which means you’ll:

  • Spend less time looking for misfiled folders.
  • Utilize your office space more efficiently without the square footage.
  • Put the focus back on reaching your practice’s goals and helping patients.

Managing patient data electronically removes these costs with a solution like Sycle eDocs. 


It wastes water.

Did you know it takes 3 gallons of water to make one piece of paper? Now, think of how much water is wasted if you’re managing your patient files with a paper-based system.

Digital and eco-friendly Sycle eDocs doesn’t waste water, so you can feel good about lessening your environmental impact.


Sycle eDocs saves you time & money and saves the scares for the goblins.


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Written by Jamie Urborg

Sr. Marketing Strategist