Did you know it takes 3 gallons of water to make one piece of paper? Now, think of how much water is wasted if you’re managing your patient files with a paper-based system. HIPAA Compliant Sycle eDocs doesn’t waste water.

With Sycle eDocs you can access your patient data, anywhere, anytime. Our solution is a HIPAA compliant (Google Docs, Google Calendar, other OMS systems aren’t HIPAA compliant), private cloud-based software — so it’s all digital.

  • Save time – access your patient files within seconds.
  • Save money – did you know it costs $2500 per year to maintain one file cabinet? 
  • Save space – bye-bye large filing cabinets.

Our Sycle eDocs infographic shares how our HIPAA compliant paperless solution can save your audiology practice time, money, and space.

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