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Make the most out of Sycle PRO

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Make the very most out of your Sycle PRO experience.

  • Text, Email, & Voice Appt Reminders – Easily contact patients to confirm their appointments. Reduce no-shows and cancelations to capitalize on every sales opportunity. 
  • Compass Automated Training – Optimize your practice for success and navigate through any workflow and every task with friendly click-by-click user tutorials and automated training. 
  • Integrated Physician Reporting – More efficient and customizable than ever before, our industry-leading Integrated Physician Reporting tool automates physician reports and nurtures your physician relationships, so you can spend more time with your patients.
  • Total Inventory Management – Streamline order tracking and in-stock management – not just for hearing aids, but for all your equipment, loaners, and accessories. 
  • Patient Profile Photos – Attach a patient profile picture to each patient summary so you and your staff can more easily identify your patients before they arrive for their next appointment.
  • Customizable Patient Charts – Tailor-make your patient charts to fit your exact needs and workflow. Seamlessly drag and drop sections, resize charts, and add page breaks. 


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