The Anatomy of a Highly Effective Email: The Right Time

April 20, 2017

In the first two posts of our series, we talked about how to email the right content to the right people. In our close to the series, we’ll talk about the best time to send. You’ll find much of this ties back to segmenting your patient database.

The ultimate goal is to reach your patient with the right message when they want to hear it. Referencing our last post, if a patient asks to be notified about anything new that comes out or is looking for a particular type of equipment, put them in a custom group so you can send a notification when the time is right.

Warranty expirations, upgrade eligibilities, and patients who’ve inquired about new products and technologies (such as those with unilateral hearing loss) are all opportunities that have an optimal time for contact.

So start creating custom groups based on your patients’ requests and interests. Then leverage these when sending emails and watch your open rates increase.

Written by Karolina Zatz

Sr. Marketing Strategist