Many Sycle customers rely on our practice management software to help them deliver the best hearing care for their patients. We’re all about optimizing the patient experience, and delivering features your patients will love this holiday season and well into the New Year.



It’s 2019, and convenience is the name of the game. It’s no surprise that people prefer to complete tasks online, whether they’re booking flights, ordering dinner, or depositing a check. Why should booking appointments be any different?

Your patients should be able to book an appointment online with the ease of a few taps. That’s why we’ve expanded our partnerships to all our Sycle customers with two great booking tools:


Help your patients take the first step in treating their hearing loss. We’ve partnered with top industry vendors to offer your patients the perfect online appointment booking solution.

  • Customize which appointment types are available for booking.
  • Save front office staff time and energy.
  • Easily track appointments, measure results, and improve accuracy.
  • Boost profits by making your business available 24/7.


Book online and qualify new patients with an easy to follow and incredibly accurate online hearing test. We’ve partnered with ctone, leading online diagnosis and lead generation company, to encourage patients with hearing loss to seek treatment.

  • All of the benefits of BookNow plus so much more.
  • Qualify your patients before they show up.
  • Fast and accurate test results available.
  • Help patients take the next step in receiving the treatment they deserve.



CaptionCall is the leading provider of captioned telephones that boast all the features your patients want most.

By offering no-cost CaptionCall phones, you can help your patients engage in life, differentiate your practice, and develop strong patient relationships. Now you can provide your eligible patients no-cost CaptionCall phones with professional installation right from the Patient Summary screen in Sycle.

Empower your patients to communicate easily and confidently:

  • Differentiate your practice with cutting-edge technology.
  • Deliver a new level of service to your patients.
  • Build strong, lasting patient relationships.
  • Help your patients engage in life.



It’s our priority to provide you with practice management software that will ensure you can focus on what matters most to you – your patients.

With Text, Email, & Voice Appointment Reminders your patients can receive appointment reminders directly to their mobile phones, getting them that much closer to their hearing loss solution.

Your patient will benefit from the notice, and your practice will profit from fewer missed & canceled appointments.


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