There are plenty of reasons to move your audiology practice to Sycle PRO. In today’s post, we highlight five Sycle PRO enhancements that your practice will want to take advantage of right away. They’re all designed to optimize your office’s well-being, promote positive patient experiences, and support and promote the growth of your business.


1. Quicknotes


Picture it: It’s the end of the day, you’re trying to chart what happened in an appointment at 9 AM because you didn’t have time to type all your notes during the appointment itself. As you know, charting at the end of the day can be a lot of trouble and a waste of your time. Quicknotes is designed to help you chart and put in your outcome notes in real-time while you are with your patient. You can customize your own library of notes and quickly search through them. And with a couple of clicks or with just typing in a quick key (a three-letter code), you can drop notes right into the appointment outcome. It’s a huge efficiency builder.


2. New and Improved eClaims


We all know reimbursement can be a big deal and sometimes a huge headache. That’s why we built out eClaims. What exactly takes eClaims to the next level within Sycle PRO? We’re using WayStar (cloud-based revenue cycle management software) in Sycle PRO. WayStar has about 5,000 different payers that they work with and about 10,000 healthcare professionals in a hospital setting or private practice. We chose to partner with WayStar because the integration adds a whole new layer of tools to your billing department’s toolbox.

Additionally, the claims wizard is another component that makes eClaims more efficient than ever. With claims wizard you can get a clean claim out of Sycle to the clearinghouse every single time. If you get a clean claim the first time then it reduces the revenue recognition cycle to a large degree. It’s about the right claims the first time and getting reimbursed faster.


3. Dynamic Page Summary


With Sycle PRO’s dynamic page summary, there are a few items we thought you’d appreciate. First, you can add a picture to the patient’s record, so when they come into the office you can easily recognize them right off the bat. Perhaps they’re new or newer to the practice, this makes getting to know them that much easier.

Secondly, at the top portion of the Patient Summary, you can now see important items like primary insurance information, battery type, or if there’s a to-do on your patient’s list. Last but not least, you can rearrange sections of the Patient Summary dependent on what’s most important to you. Now you don’t have to scroll through various sections to get to where you want to be. It’s quite the enhancement from Classic.


4. Drag & Drop Reports with Business Intelligence


Sycle has been a leader in reporting for over 15 years and now with Sycle PRO, we’ve taken that to a new level – with business intelligence. When you’ve got twenty-five things going on at once and you’re trying to get a quick handle on where you’re at for the day or the week, it’s crucial to be able to can see everything in one place.

Not only is this a big time saver but it’s a great way to visualize the data that’s in the system without directly looking at all the hard numbers. You can get a mile-high view of your reports with the business intelligence dashboard, but it’s also pretty easy to drill down to the unit or the patient level.


5. Hearing Aid Price Table


For those familiar with the way the Hearing Aid Price Table worked in Sycle Classic, you could go in and add several hearing aids at once. If a new hearing aid line comes out from a manufacturer like GN Resound, you can easily add them the first time. But when it comes to the editing stage or copying out to other locations, there are items like sales tax that would have to be manually updated. Manually updating anything is a pain, right?

When we look at the hearing aid price table in Sycle PRO, it’s optimized for the user experience. With the bulk edit capability, you can control everything about your pricing with a few clicks, directly from the Administration page. You won’t have to manually update when you’re in the editing stage or have to copy out to other locations – win!


We’ve just laid out five great features in Sycle PRO, but there’s so much more with this easy-to-use practice management software, like Integrated Physician Reporting, Compass Automated Training, and Text, Email, & Voice Appt Reminders. If you’re ready to grow your audiology business, spend more time with patients, and empower your team, it’s certainly time to take advantage of Sycle PRO.


Want to make the move to Sycle PRO today? Have questions? Or simply want to learn more?


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