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Say goodbye to paper files. eDocs is our paperless office solution that allows you to manage and share patient documents through Sycle’s HIPAA compliant cloud computing system.

Online storage services (such as Google, Box, Dropbox and even some hearing care specific solutions), while sometimes inexpensive or free, are NOT HIPAA compliant. They are not completely indexed and organized to be accessible by you. Some of these vendors do offer a much more expensive HIPAA compliant version (Box costs $35 per user per month) – but most don’t integrate with your practice management software.

Our eDocs solution has triple redundancy, offsite backup, is fully integrated into Sycle and is HIPAA compliant. You can rest easy knowing all your data is protected while saving hours of time thanks to the seamless integration.

Never again will you have to search for charts or documents that have been misplaced or misfiled. This costly and common occurrence is solved by going paperless with eDocs.

Running out of office space? Since document retention can be required for many years, clinics often find themselves buried under boxes and file cabinets of charts and paper. Storing these important documents electronically eliminates physical space requirements and helps the environment – did you know it takes 3 gallons of water to make one piece of paper? For a small monthly fee you can:

Scan, upload, download, and rename file

Create and customize unlimited folder

Control employee access (Read Only or Read and Write)

Access eDocs from anywhere anytime

Transfer files seamlessly from one location to another

Easily access files through the Patient Summary

Retrieve everything in the event of fire, theft or other disaster

Compliance with HIPAA (unlike Google, Dropbox and others)